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Three questions psychologist

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We lived with my husband for fifteen years. We have two children: a son, 12 years old, my daughter - 9. We have always lived together and wondering: traveled together by car for a vacation, my husband did many things for the house and garden with his own hands, he taught his son. We loved the evening to gather at the table and talk. Our family had a nice, friendly atmosphere, we loved each other. But one day a girl called me and said that she had long been fond of my husband that he too is in love with her and they have a baby on.

It was such a hit! At first I could not believe my ears. Could hardly wait for her husband from work and then, in the hallway, said that he had this girl really is. It turned out that they were colleagues, communicate on a business, but one day at a certain festival, for which their company rented several houses a recreation center, as they had to spend the night there, they started with this girl relationship. The fact that she was pregnant, he did not know, and in general the family is not going away, because the relationship is not serious thought.

With him I was able to refrain from scandal, tantrums and tears, but I do not sleep I could. Well, the kids were at this time with my grandmother and did not see. The next day he came home from work, packed his bags and said he could not leave the future of a child without a father. Apologized to me and said that the blame for the children, and left. I feel like I was numb and could not utter a word, but when the door closed behind him, I realized that my life was over. What do I do? What are the words to find that he knew that such a family, as we do, you can not destroy!

Your words, even the wisest, now it will not work. In any case, as long as he attracted a new partner. Try to "talk" with him through relatives or friends (of those whom he respects and trusts). It is unlikely that a man, who for 15 years with a love created a cozy nest for your family, is able to first call the other "birds" out of it easily "fly away." Do not lose hope, do not go down, try to look decent to dress as you like for your husband. Maintain order in the house, cook his favorite food. He can suddenly (out of habit) to look for you, and if he sees that there are still nice and warm, and it is still waiting for love, will understand that his house - here.

Two years ago I got into a new company and fell in love with a guy who three years younger than me. He, too, is a pro interest in me, but there is not offered. I did not show initiative, and decided to just wait. One day we went to rest the whole company to the country. He did not leave me all day and all night (proximity was not), and the next day I did not even fit. After a while he began to meet with a girl, and I made the final decision - forget it. The first time we had not even talked to, then began to chat like old friends. But recently, I noticed that his behavior began to change. He writes in the framework of sms-, very bored, want to see and hug me. I love it, but do not believe him. Please help me, what did the man need. Why he's driving me crazy?

Of course, it is unpleasant when, after a romantic relationship (even such short as one day in the country) to you do not even fit. This suggests that your young person does not belong to you seriously.

Self-respecting girl would not continue the relationship with a guy that you did. And now you are doing the right thing, do not believe him. You do not want to after the next meeting, he again came to you?

Maybe he does belong to the category as Don Juan, and it is important not relations, and the number of broken his heart. You have managed to make him understand that do not attach importance to the fact that you have been with him on vacation, and he probably was waiting for you to pursue him, to call, to seek meetings...

Perhaps, at the moment it is something not happy in a relationship with his girlfriend, so he thought of you as a fallback.

In any case, expect a serious relationship with a young man hardly worth it.

The future seemed to us bright. And it is not. Could it be otherwise: we have one job, we've known each other since high school, and in general we are - a very beautiful couple. But after graduation, my favorite more luck with the work, and at work - with prospects. Of course, I was eager to get to work in the same company, and when the opportunity, he recommended me. We started working together, but instead of happiness, what do I draw, it's a disappointment. At work, I have all well at it, I noticed, and it seemed to have changed. He was always dissatisfied, grumbling, even some gall, and our relationship began to sour ... and then he got another. That I just could not, and we parted. He went to another city, where open while a branch of our company, and there was even promoted. It's been a year, and I can not forgive and forget it. He's been linked to all my dreams, all hope! How bitter and sad! I understand that it will not return anything, but I think that the other love I will not. What do I do?

Live, work, make friends, meet new people and to wait for a new love. And once and for all, from the old, write a detailed letter to a former lover and tell it everything we wanted to, but could not (or not yet). Please, read carefully (you can even out loud to all the emotional voice), but do not send. He does not need to know that you still can not forget him. Tear the letter into small pieces or burn it. Put a bullet in your relationship and begin a new life. You'll see, it will be happier.

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