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Senin, 21 Januari 2013

The list of mental illness

Mental illness is a group of diseases that affect the condition of our nervous system. Ill with one of them, a person loses the ability to adequately conduct, effective communication, making sensible decisions, clear thinking. If the symptoms are very strong, then the person becomes unable to tolerate the reality, and can not even elementary lead a normal daily life. Even with severe mental illness can be managed successfully to cure them.

Mental illnesses are divided into a number of basic types:

- Schizophrenia: the human disease behavior changes appear symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions, sometimes lasting up to six months, and patients lose their capacity.

- Schizoaffective disorders: people with the illness, symptoms similar to schizophrenia, besides. There are mood disorders, including bipolar disorder and depression.

- Schizophrenia disorder: patients with symptoms in schizophrenia, but they last from one month to six.

- Short violation psyche accompanied by a brief period of mental disorder that occurs in response to the occurrence of a stressful situation, such as someone's death. A month later, the patient usually recovers.

Mental illnesses, a list which I will cite are the most frequent. And the treatment of mental illness, the process is complex and multidimensional.

- Delusional disorders: these patients appear mania that correspond to the normal life, including persecution. This mania lasts about one month.

- Mental diseases caused by chemicals: a disease appears due to the reaction to the use of or exposure to certain chemicals, such as alcohol, drugs, causing incoherent speech, delirium, delusions, and hallucinations.

- Mental illnesses that are caused by other diseases: delusions and hallucinations are caused by other diseases that affect the human brain, for example, the appearance of a head injury or brain tumor.

The symptoms that accompany mental illness

Different patients in his practice, I watched a variety of symptoms of mental illness. With disease symptoms have the ability to change. The main symptoms of disorders of the human psyche: mania, delusions, hallucinations.   Treatment of mental illness often depends on their symptoms. Mental illness, the list of which was given by me above, is shown in a variety of external signs. Among them I saw a rambling speech, the complete loss of interest in any activity, clouded thinking and judgment, a dangerous and erratic behavior, relationship problems at home and at work, loss of interest in hygiene, cold, abstract manner, emotionally, changes in mood, depression and mania.

Hallucinations and delusions.

Hallucination - it is a symptom of mental illness associated with sensory perception of reality, or things that do not exist in the real world. For example, the ability to see what is not there, or hears some voices, to feel someone's touch at a time when no one is near, to feel something unusual taste in the mouth, to smell, which in reality do not.

Mania or delirium - that is a false assumption, which is constant and organized, does not disappear even after you get the logic correct information. If a person suffers from delusions of poisoning, it does not leave him even at the news that the food is no problem.

The causes of mental illness

A variety of factors can affect the mental illness; the list can be very long. Treatment of mental illness, respectively, I also assigned depending on the cause. Very often, a number of mental disorders are inherited, and if a few children get sick a disease, then we can talk about hereditary. Some mental disorders result from a number of environmental factors, i.e.: stress, drug use, global change in human life.

Also, I have often observed in patients who have already emerged mental disease, an imbalance in the chemical composition of the brain. They become either hypersensitive or in their body produces an excess of a substance known as dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a substance through which the brain is able to transfer information from cell to cell. If there is an imbalance in the body of dopamine, the brain's response is unpredictable, which leads to the appearance of delusions or hallucinations.

I believe that the treatment of mental illness may well be successful, if we determine the source of the disease. After all, mental illness, the list of which is very large, and most also have a different nature.

The prevalence of mental disorders

It is known that one in a hundred people in the world suffers from mental illness. For the first time, these disorders occur in adolescence and in the period from 20 to 30 years. These disorders occur equally in men and women.

Diagnosis and treatment of mental illness

In my practice I have when dealing with a new patient at first engaged in studying his medical records, hospital records, spend a full examination, that is, identify the causes of the disease. It is also necessary to investigate the blood and brain x-rays to diagnose the possible physical ailments that can affect the mental state of the person.

Excluding the impact of the physical, I'll take a detailed discussion with the patient using the method developed by me and repeatedly used in practice.

Mental illness, the list of which was given in the article, in some way met many times in my practice. Treatment of mental illness - it is always a very individual thing. There are many methods with the use of antipsychotic medications, psychotherapy, including individual sessions and group or family. Person with a mental disorder, it needs support. Most often I'm an outpatient treatment, but if the patient can hurt others and themselves, it should be hospitalized.

The healing process takes place for each patient individually, from several days to several months.

I recommend you at the first symptoms to call me to start treatment at an early stage and prevent complications.
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Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

Loneliness - how to get rid?

Loneliness - how to get rid?
How often do people even live among people who feel lonely? This feeling comes to us at times when we did not wait, and wrench begins to put pressure on the chest. How to cope with this condition and why it occurs? Let's try to understand them and us...

Man is essentially individual, but part of a whole. But it happens that even being around people comes to him a sense of loneliness. We do not understand, do not accept, or, as we think, do not like, and sometimes we do not even have anyone to talk heart to heart, and that's a swarm of thoughts burst into our consciousness, causing us to appropriate feelings and emotions. What is the source of these thoughts? Where there is pressing sense? As it turned out, the answer lies in the very nature of man.

People closely linked with the world, these threads are not visible to the eye, but this relationship is, and with that, no one argues. How is the house cat approaching the owner, how are the birds where they fly, as the dog feels mood. The basis of the perception of the relationship with the world. Animals in harmony with nature for they are part of it. But man, as a rational being, endowed with the ability to think, can separate itself from the nature of his own thought.

So, if we consider the state of being alone with this position, it starts with a thought. The thought occurs to us: "What we are alone in this world ...” it connects to our attention, which attracts the relevant sense - emotional color. And the finished result - we are in a state of loneliness.

How then to handle this? First, start with the control of thought. And the thought of this just drop without giving her strength to his attention. Only need to open up the world and try to feel the unity of all! That's when the oppressive solitude of nowhere to live in us when we are filled with the world, when you are in unity!

The theme of loneliness in the last years sounds more acute, despite the abundance of various social networking, mobile and Internet communications and the development of communication services. According to opinion polls, today is twelve times more respondents feel alone, than, for example, in the mid-twentieth century.

Not everyone is able and so, from the first, to "tame" his idea and set mind on positive outlook, expand their horizons, to objectively evaluate the picture of our loneliness. But knowing the true causes of this feeling, and on ways to combat this demoralizing anguish, more people are beginning to recover, to live with the new bright colors in the shower.

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Intuition; Logic, please do not interfere...

about intuition
On the existence of intuition knew in the days of Socrates. Ancient Greek philosopher noted that in life it is a voice that keeps on those or other actions. But he never came to anything motivates...

Their findings largely due to intuition, Einstein, Edison, Marconi and Henry Ford. Type of winding snake prompted chemist Friedrich Kekule's classic formula of benzene; an ordinary web engineer at Brown turned the idea of a suspension bridge. And well-known attacks on George Soros back pain found out that now the situation has developed not in his favor.

However, intuition not only has "terrestrial Pahari" - scientists and businessmen, but also down to earth poets and composers. As acknowledged by the bohemian artists, they just write down what comes to them "from above." This brings to mind the revelations of Sergei Yesenin: "I - fife God ..."

People are late for a good reason air and rail routes, which end in tragedy. Dry statistics disasters say: aircraft and trains, wrecked, almost always filled to 61 percent. Someone is ill, someone was late, and someone decided not to go, obeying a sudden inner impulse. This is one of the "faces" of intuition.

Disciple of the legendary Freud, Carl Jung counted people with "inner voice", the avant-garde culture. These lucky people tend to competence, efficiency in all and at the same time accept any job as a game. And there is no man on earth who can not be named or less intuitive...

In all there is a secret sign

Scientists around the world are still struggling with the question - where does the intuitive knowledge? Today, scientists agree on the common view (which no lifts the veil of secrecy): this is an entirely new form of matter. It is called by different names: the noosphere, the collective mind, the collective unconscious.

According to this theory, material and consciousness, thoughts, and feelings. The whole experience of humanity is kept in a kind of "library", where everyone can get the necessary help.

The process of "query": At first the "Homo sapiens" thinking in everyday, material level, relying on the "Her Majesty" logic. And then suddenly dives into the information field and receives a response - after all there, to the unknown, "storage", we know all about the past, present and future. The problem is that not everyone is able to hear and decode the message of the "hints-polufraz"
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Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

Three questions psychologist

We lived with my husband for fifteen years. We have two children: a son, 12 years old, my daughter - 9. We have always lived together and wondering: traveled together by car for a vacation, my husband did many things for the house and garden with his own hands, he taught his son. We loved the evening to gather at the table and talk. Our family had a nice, friendly atmosphere, we loved each other. But one day a girl called me and said that she had long been fond of my husband that he too is in love with her and they have a baby on.

It was such a hit! At first I could not believe my ears. Could hardly wait for her husband from work and then, in the hallway, said that he had this girl really is. It turned out that they were colleagues, communicate on a business, but one day at a certain festival, for which their company rented several houses a recreation center, as they had to spend the night there, they started with this girl relationship. The fact that she was pregnant, he did not know, and in general the family is not going away, because the relationship is not serious thought.

With him I was able to refrain from scandal, tantrums and tears, but I do not sleep I could. Well, the kids were at this time with my grandmother and did not see. The next day he came home from work, packed his bags and said he could not leave the future of a child without a father. Apologized to me and said that the blame for the children, and left. I feel like I was numb and could not utter a word, but when the door closed behind him, I realized that my life was over. What do I do? What are the words to find that he knew that such a family, as we do, you can not destroy!

Your words, even the wisest, now it will not work. In any case, as long as he attracted a new partner. Try to "talk" with him through relatives or friends (of those whom he respects and trusts). It is unlikely that a man, who for 15 years with a love created a cozy nest for your family, is able to first call the other "birds" out of it easily "fly away." Do not lose hope, do not go down, try to look decent to dress as you like for your husband. Maintain order in the house, cook his favorite food. He can suddenly (out of habit) to look for you, and if he sees that there are still nice and warm, and it is still waiting for love, will understand that his house - here.

Two years ago I got into a new company and fell in love with a guy who three years younger than me. He, too, is a pro interest in me, but there is not offered. I did not show initiative, and decided to just wait. One day we went to rest the whole company to the country. He did not leave me all day and all night (proximity was not), and the next day I did not even fit. After a while he began to meet with a girl, and I made the final decision - forget it. The first time we had not even talked to, then began to chat like old friends. But recently, I noticed that his behavior began to change. He writes in the framework of sms-, very bored, want to see and hug me. I love it, but do not believe him. Please help me, what did the man need. Why he's driving me crazy?

Of course, it is unpleasant when, after a romantic relationship (even such short as one day in the country) to you do not even fit. This suggests that your young person does not belong to you seriously.

Self-respecting girl would not continue the relationship with a guy that you did. And now you are doing the right thing, do not believe him. You do not want to after the next meeting, he again came to you?

Maybe he does belong to the category as Don Juan, and it is important not relations, and the number of broken his heart. You have managed to make him understand that do not attach importance to the fact that you have been with him on vacation, and he probably was waiting for you to pursue him, to call, to seek meetings...

Perhaps, at the moment it is something not happy in a relationship with his girlfriend, so he thought of you as a fallback.

In any case, expect a serious relationship with a young man hardly worth it.

The future seemed to us bright. And it is not. Could it be otherwise: we have one job, we've known each other since high school, and in general we are - a very beautiful couple. But after graduation, my favorite more luck with the work, and at work - with prospects. Of course, I was eager to get to work in the same company, and when the opportunity, he recommended me. We started working together, but instead of happiness, what do I draw, it's a disappointment. At work, I have all well at it, I noticed, and it seemed to have changed. He was always dissatisfied, grumbling, even some gall, and our relationship began to sour ... and then he got another. That I just could not, and we parted. He went to another city, where open while a branch of our company, and there was even promoted. It's been a year, and I can not forgive and forget it. He's been linked to all my dreams, all hope! How bitter and sad! I understand that it will not return anything, but I think that the other love I will not. What do I do?

Live, work, make friends, meet new people and to wait for a new love. And once and for all, from the old, write a detailed letter to a former lover and tell it everything we wanted to, but could not (or not yet). Please, read carefully (you can even out loud to all the emotional voice), but do not send. He does not need to know that you still can not forget him. Tear the letter into small pieces or burn it. Put a bullet in your relationship and begin a new life. You'll see, it will be happier.
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Life without sex

Life without sex
In our minds, sex has become an integral part of life. It seems that He is everywhere: advertising, movies, music, and fashion. But at the same time increasing the number of those who have decided to completely give up sex. It seems unreal, strange, incomprehensible, but those who prefer to live without sex, consider themselves absolutely normal. They are young, successful, beautiful, but they have their own opinion.

Founder Psychoanalysis and the famous neurologist
Sigmund Freud believed that abstinence is simply intolerable, and sex drive - this is nothing but the manifestation of libido (innate psychic energy). Energy is stored, which means that it needs a way out, and where to go if you do not have sex?

Abstinence can cause mental disorders, nervous, depressed.

Now many couples live happily together and do not support intimacy, replacing it with hugs, kisses.

Often reluctant to have sex, those who survived severe trauma. One girl said that in his youth had been raped, and now the thought of making love it’s just scary. There are those who choose to abstain voluntarily. Time without sex enables them to better and deeper understanding of themselves, their lives.

Sexologists believe that men are much harder to give up sex than women. The stronger sex with sexual intimacy can show their affection, otherwise he feels left out. Women are given wide palette displays of affection, which significantly reduces the need for sex itself.

- Is the pleasure derived from one's own body or from contact with another person? It can be traditional, homosexual or even self-satisfaction, but it is necessary for everyone. So says the famous French psychoanalyst Jean-David Nazo.

Each of us has a different degree of need for sex, someone more, which is smaller. Someone chooses abstinence, the other wants to live this life only to provide sexual pleasure. Formerly deciding, deal in it, but in any case, it will be your choice.
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Child psychology and adolescent

Child psychology course
Child psychology course is open to all students who intend to practice in the field - wide and closed at the same time - medico-social, medical and educational, educational or psychological ~, that is to say in every area where " psychological fact "a right of citizenship. It is also why this course can also be of interest to any neophyte interesting "psychological fact".

Many businesses, especially recent seek to distinguish themselves by their hermetic language code, and this is largely the case in the professional field designated above. Language "shrink" is the prerogative of professionals "insiders" and apart from other speakers yet more and more in this area. If you want that "psychological fact" is seen as a tool, and as the most effective tool available to us in our professional field, he must remove his hand tight and clearly explain what we know with certainty, what we know by intuition that we must undergo further study to include a particular fact in the knowledge base established.

The purpose of this course is twofold: firstly expose as clearly as possible the state of our knowledge in the field of child psychology and adolescent, on the other hand allow future educators, early childhood educators, medical and educational aid, etc.., to take on their knowledge.

If this course could achieve these goals and more, send a little bit of pleasure include, for example, what happens when a child plays in front of our eyes or looking to enter a hitherto unknown reasoning, if the reader (in addition to everything mentioned above) could feel the complexity - under the apparent simplicity - these "human adventure", the aim of the course is largely achieved.

However, it should be noted that this course is primarily on the medical model that wanting to be established from the identification and release formulation diagnostic symptoms, prognostic evaluation and therapeutic proposal. However, this model is not unique and there is another approach based on a psychological investigation for account of the unconscious and its effects, based on the free association of ideas subject: psychoanalytic therapy approach.
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