Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

Loneliness - how to get rid?

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Loneliness - how to get rid?
How often do people even live among people who feel lonely? This feeling comes to us at times when we did not wait, and wrench begins to put pressure on the chest. How to cope with this condition and why it occurs? Let's try to understand them and us...

Man is essentially individual, but part of a whole. But it happens that even being around people comes to him a sense of loneliness. We do not understand, do not accept, or, as we think, do not like, and sometimes we do not even have anyone to talk heart to heart, and that's a swarm of thoughts burst into our consciousness, causing us to appropriate feelings and emotions. What is the source of these thoughts? Where there is pressing sense? As it turned out, the answer lies in the very nature of man.

People closely linked with the world, these threads are not visible to the eye, but this relationship is, and with that, no one argues. How is the house cat approaching the owner, how are the birds where they fly, as the dog feels mood. The basis of the perception of the relationship with the world. Animals in harmony with nature for they are part of it. But man, as a rational being, endowed with the ability to think, can separate itself from the nature of his own thought.

So, if we consider the state of being alone with this position, it starts with a thought. The thought occurs to us: "What we are alone in this world ...” it connects to our attention, which attracts the relevant sense - emotional color. And the finished result - we are in a state of loneliness.

How then to handle this? First, start with the control of thought. And the thought of this just drop without giving her strength to his attention. Only need to open up the world and try to feel the unity of all! That's when the oppressive solitude of nowhere to live in us when we are filled with the world, when you are in unity!

The theme of loneliness in the last years sounds more acute, despite the abundance of various social networking, mobile and Internet communications and the development of communication services. According to opinion polls, today is twelve times more respondents feel alone, than, for example, in the mid-twentieth century.

Not everyone is able and so, from the first, to "tame" his idea and set mind on positive outlook, expand their horizons, to objectively evaluate the picture of our loneliness. But knowing the true causes of this feeling, and on ways to combat this demoralizing anguish, more people are beginning to recover, to live with the new bright colors in the shower.

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