Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

Life without sex

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Life without sex
In our minds, sex has become an integral part of life. It seems that He is everywhere: advertising, movies, music, and fashion. But at the same time increasing the number of those who have decided to completely give up sex. It seems unreal, strange, incomprehensible, but those who prefer to live without sex, consider themselves absolutely normal. They are young, successful, beautiful, but they have their own opinion.

Founder Psychoanalysis and the famous neurologist
Sigmund Freud believed that abstinence is simply intolerable, and sex drive - this is nothing but the manifestation of libido (innate psychic energy). Energy is stored, which means that it needs a way out, and where to go if you do not have sex?

Abstinence can cause mental disorders, nervous, depressed.

Now many couples live happily together and do not support intimacy, replacing it with hugs, kisses.

Often reluctant to have sex, those who survived severe trauma. One girl said that in his youth had been raped, and now the thought of making love it’s just scary. There are those who choose to abstain voluntarily. Time without sex enables them to better and deeper understanding of themselves, their lives.

Sexologists believe that men are much harder to give up sex than women. The stronger sex with sexual intimacy can show their affection, otherwise he feels left out. Women are given wide palette displays of affection, which significantly reduces the need for sex itself.

- Is the pleasure derived from one's own body or from contact with another person? It can be traditional, homosexual or even self-satisfaction, but it is necessary for everyone. So says the famous French psychoanalyst Jean-David Nazo.

Each of us has a different degree of need for sex, someone more, which is smaller. Someone chooses abstinence, the other wants to live this life only to provide sexual pleasure. Formerly deciding, deal in it, but in any case, it will be your choice.

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