Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

Child psychology and adolescent

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Child psychology course
Child psychology course is open to all students who intend to practice in the field - wide and closed at the same time - medico-social, medical and educational, educational or psychological ~, that is to say in every area where " psychological fact "a right of citizenship. It is also why this course can also be of interest to any neophyte interesting "psychological fact".

Many businesses, especially recent seek to distinguish themselves by their hermetic language code, and this is largely the case in the professional field designated above. Language "shrink" is the prerogative of professionals "insiders" and apart from other speakers yet more and more in this area. If you want that "psychological fact" is seen as a tool, and as the most effective tool available to us in our professional field, he must remove his hand tight and clearly explain what we know with certainty, what we know by intuition that we must undergo further study to include a particular fact in the knowledge base established.

The purpose of this course is twofold: firstly expose as clearly as possible the state of our knowledge in the field of child psychology and adolescent, on the other hand allow future educators, early childhood educators, medical and educational aid, etc.., to take on their knowledge.

If this course could achieve these goals and more, send a little bit of pleasure include, for example, what happens when a child plays in front of our eyes or looking to enter a hitherto unknown reasoning, if the reader (in addition to everything mentioned above) could feel the complexity - under the apparent simplicity - these "human adventure", the aim of the course is largely achieved.

However, it should be noted that this course is primarily on the medical model that wanting to be established from the identification and release formulation diagnostic symptoms, prognostic evaluation and therapeutic proposal. However, this model is not unique and there is another approach based on a psychological investigation for account of the unconscious and its effects, based on the free association of ideas subject: psychoanalytic therapy approach.

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