Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

Intuition; Logic, please do not interfere...

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about intuition
On the existence of intuition knew in the days of Socrates. Ancient Greek philosopher noted that in life it is a voice that keeps on those or other actions. But he never came to anything motivates...

Their findings largely due to intuition, Einstein, Edison, Marconi and Henry Ford. Type of winding snake prompted chemist Friedrich Kekule's classic formula of benzene; an ordinary web engineer at Brown turned the idea of a suspension bridge. And well-known attacks on George Soros back pain found out that now the situation has developed not in his favor.

However, intuition not only has "terrestrial Pahari" - scientists and businessmen, but also down to earth poets and composers. As acknowledged by the bohemian artists, they just write down what comes to them "from above." This brings to mind the revelations of Sergei Yesenin: "I - fife God ..."

People are late for a good reason air and rail routes, which end in tragedy. Dry statistics disasters say: aircraft and trains, wrecked, almost always filled to 61 percent. Someone is ill, someone was late, and someone decided not to go, obeying a sudden inner impulse. This is one of the "faces" of intuition.

Disciple of the legendary Freud, Carl Jung counted people with "inner voice", the avant-garde culture. These lucky people tend to competence, efficiency in all and at the same time accept any job as a game. And there is no man on earth who can not be named or less intuitive...

In all there is a secret sign

Scientists around the world are still struggling with the question - where does the intuitive knowledge? Today, scientists agree on the common view (which no lifts the veil of secrecy): this is an entirely new form of matter. It is called by different names: the noosphere, the collective mind, the collective unconscious.

According to this theory, material and consciousness, thoughts, and feelings. The whole experience of humanity is kept in a kind of "library", where everyone can get the necessary help.

The process of "query": At first the "Homo sapiens" thinking in everyday, material level, relying on the "Her Majesty" logic. And then suddenly dives into the information field and receives a response - after all there, to the unknown, "storage", we know all about the past, present and future. The problem is that not everyone is able to hear and decode the message of the "hints-polufraz"

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